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What Is Yoga

Yoga is an ancient tradition of self-care and discipline. Yoga is the practice of stillness and peace. A stillness we bring into the body and a peace which we explore from within it. We regularly come back to the body, the mind and the breath and soon this becomes a natural state for us. Once this begins, the changes we notice in the way we feel, move and operate our body-mind is powerful. 

Who is it For

Yoga is for anyone of any gender, shape, size, age, and income. More and more people are taking to Yoga becuase they realise that the body is meant to move. It was designed to operate at its best when it regularly moves. The movements we perform in Yoga and the poses we hold, all serve to stimulate the body and the mind in certain ways. Ways that make health and happiness a certainty.  

If you have never practiced yoga before or are intermittent in your practice, then Yoga Begin, offers you the chance to see what becomes possible for you when you consistently take to the mat. When you honor your commitment to yourself and show up to explore your body, your mind, and the present moment.

What is Yoga Begin

Yoga Begin is a course in Yoga and Meditation that you can take with Santosha Yoga. If you live far away, you can enroll online. All aspects of the course can be delivered from the comfort of your own home.

Yoga Begin is not for beginners. Rather it is for those who are ready to take on the commitment of practicing regularly and uncovering what lies beneath the twists, stretches, and stands of Yoga's more common forward face. The course covers Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation which are the core elements of all Yogic practice. Also included is an introduction to the more neglected metaphysical aspects of Yoga such as the use of mantra, manifestation and working with energy. For a guide into what you can expect from the course please register below


Begin with an Online Class each Saturday

Whats on Offer

Santosha Yoga is constantly finding new ways to reach more people with Yoga and Meditation. Find out what's on offer where you are.


"I love it, I look foreword to it every week I wish that I could go more! 😊" - Tanika (2017 student)

"I'm always relieved immediately in and after ur class, it does what it needs to whether it's re energise me one week or calm me down the next, it's just wonderful. Thank" - Elli (2017 student)

"i look forward to continuing with your classes as i am feeling the best i have in years" - Kerry

"I really enjoyed the focus on different parts of the body after each practice. I think it's increased my awareness of myself and how I feel." - 2016 student

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