Criticism and judgement can be harsh barriers to your enjoyment of Yoga and meditation., but they are also useful tools to work with.

The mind does not easily focus on the movement of the body or sensations of the breath. Even outside of our practice of Yoga, the mind takes off and distracts us constantly.

How often do you think the same thought over and over again?

If this thought is uplifting and positive, thats great. But what about thoughts that are negative or drain our energy. Thoughts which are harsh and judge us for not being good enough, strong enough, flexible enough. How do we deal with these. How do we overcome them so that we relax and enjoy each moment more?

In Yoga we see the mind as a pattern of thoughts that have been etched over time and through repetition. We have the same thoughts over and over because of the patterns we have developed over time.

We are confronted by patterns of criticism and judgement directed towards ourselves. A thought may arise saying we are not doing the right thing, not feeling the right way, or somehow lacking discipline. Focusing on the present moment in Yoga and Meditation we are working to overcome these patterns by noticing them.

Its important to see this in perspective. The mind at work. Just more thoughts to focus back to the breath from…

Thats right. The more thoughts we have during yoga and meditation, the more opportunity we have to practice yoga and meditation itself. We chose to see these as just thoughts, nothing more. We focus back into the present moment. To the breath. The sensation of expansion at our joints or the lengthening of our muscles. These are all ways we can refocus the mind on the present moment.

We gently refocus back to the practice. We are not harsh or demanding of ourselves. We approach our practice by being gentle. A gentle way of being.

This is what we cultivate in Yoga, and it spreads to the rest of our lives, so that all our experiences in life are approached with a more gentle way of being. With our families, our friends, our colleagues at work and most importantly…


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