When I sat down to write this post I went blank. I was tired, it was the end of the end of the day and there were several things I’d rather be doing. Putting my feet up with a book or some Netflix were options to me.

Doing anything worth doing involves a kind of discipline and a commitment that can override the kind of excuses we all throw up for ourselves from time to time. Yoga offers us an insight into the way in which we avoid change, or hinder ourselves every time we chose do change something. Walk the dog more. Eat healthier. Change career.

There are many forms of resistance. When practicing Yoga, we feel the body’s resistance to the flexing of the Asana. Each ache and pain or tension within the muscles gives us feedback that we have reached a limit.  The mind resists the stillness of our meditation by holding tension, distraction and stress. In daily life we find challenge and inconvenience at each turn, as we work towards a better version or ourselves.


In yoga and in life, the approach is the same. Extend towards that limit, feel it with awareness and gently rest up against it with discipline and care. Observe distraction and refocus on the breath, the body or the present moment.

The body will respond to this becoming more flexible, stable and balanced. The mind will reveal a more relaxed and steady state and gradually we’ll start to see a new vision of ourselves emerge as we practice more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

This is the value of resistance in Yoga and daily life.


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