Have you ever entered a room full of people and picked right away what its going to be like? Have you sensed of the mood or energy in a group as you enter a space, or been in a group that had a “great vibe” or a “powerful energy”?

There’s actually nothing magic about it. We react to the energy of others.  Our mood, sense of security and energy is affected by theirs. When we spend time with an uplifting person we feel good and likewise are there people who leave us feeling drained and sapped.

Through the practice of Yoga we become more aware of our own energy and that of others. Each pose stimulates a flow within us, releasing blockages that can inhibit us from our true state of being. A state of calm abiding.

In Yoga we don’t just stretch the body, but we also stretch our awareness into new aspects of our existence. We become aware of ourselves as comprised of energetic flow that changes over time. With a deeper awareness of this continual flow gradually we become the driver of our experiences in life, rather than the helpless passenger thrown about by the flurry of activity around us.

In Yoga we take our awareness inwards to an experience unique to each of us. We go into the world with stability and balance and we more easily bring joy to others when we experience joy ourselves.

By regularly training the awareness on subtle flows of energy within us, we develop the ability to choose how we feel, rather than let the feelings, moods, emotions and “vibes” of others –including those in our own family– dictate our experience of life.

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