There is no noise in the world and no peace in the himalayas. Both are within you - Swami Satyananda Saraswati

What is San Kalpa

San Kalpa is a yogic word that roughly translates as positive affirmation. We chose this ourselves and we keep this personal affirmation until we start to notice an effect in our lives. Each of the weeks we do Yoga Nidra in class we hold our attention briefly on our San Kalpa and here are some of the reasons we do this…

Yoga’s Internalising Process

We practice Yoga so that we can calm our mind and settle the inner space of our body. In doing this we face many distracting thoughts and restlessness. The ongoing practice of yoga and meditation gradually stills the chattering mind, calms the restless, tense body and leaves us with a sense of space, balance and ongoing wellbeing. 

It’s within this space that we begin to be more deliberate about the the kinds of thoughts we’d rather have and within this space that we begin to affirm and take responsibility for a new reality for ourselves that is based in this new way of thinking. 

Here are some guidelines for picking and sticking with a San Kalpa. 

Use the Present tense

Us the present tense for your affirmation. Phrases like “I am..” or “I have…” are good. Avoid being to distant like “someday I will…” or “soon I will have…”

Keep it positive

Affirm your reality don’t deny it. Avoid phrases that start with “I don’t have any…” or “my pain is gone”. Use instead phrases that involve what you do want. “I have an abundance of energy, vitality and wellbeing”

Don’t want anything

Saying things like “I want…” can be a trap. The mind can create more wanting in response to this kind of affirmation. “I want more money” can turn into the experience of “wanting more money” rather than the experience of “abundance and plenty”. The mind simply delivers what you ask of it. Ask for “I want no more drama in my life and it will give you the experience of “wanting no more drama in your life”, which actually equates to… You guessed it… more drama. Of course if things are a little dull you might want just that, but wanting is no way to be.

Picture and feel your San Kalpa

Use emotive and powerful words or better still, cultivate an image or sensation. This is so that you imagination and experience what it is like for this to be true for you. Engage all of your senses so that you imagine what it is like to have a relaxed and flexible body an abundance of energy and vitality or even an abundance of money, if this is what you choose. 

Remember in yoga we see the experience of life as being intimately dependent on the quality of our inner space. We all have the choice to keep looking to the outside world to explain why we feel the way we do or we can practice a new sense of responsibility for our experience and begin to create that experience ourselves. 

This is the inner journey that Yoga and meditation brings on in us.

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