I got to hang out at Kiran with Andrea this week, the person who first inspired me to learn Yoga.

Thank you Andrea, Shaun and Lucilla for an uplifting weeknight in Mo town.


Kirtan is a traditional form of call and response chanting that is in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga. It evokes aspects of our higher selves by chanting and calling forth the names and presence of Hindu deities who embody certain qualities that are in each of us.

Even if you have no particular faith or if you choose to express your belief in a higher power through a single god, male god, female god, or no god at all, you will find something that Kiran can offer. It is a special nourishing and uplifting practice that will enhance your experience of Yoga in new ways. If you are lucky enough have a local yoga school or meditation centre where you can ask about or try out a Kiran, then give it a go.

I started going to Kirtan a few years ago at the Inner Journeys Yoga and Metaphysics Centre under the guidance of Jayananda Saraswati. When I first began, it seemed a lot like the experience of playing or enjoying music together with others at a live venue, which I had long enjoyed but neglected to do enough of recently. The Rhythms and sense of harmony with others expressing the same vibrational sound. It was uplifting, connecting, and of course had a most joyous effect on me, leaving me more confident, with a clearer voice and ability to express myself.

As I continue to practice, I have a growing sense of the value of Kirtan as an act of devotion or Bhakti, cultivating or invoking a higher presence within each of us as we practice together.

There are of course other benefits to the chanting itself which have to do with the vibrational energy of the ancient sanskrit words. This has less to do with a particular god or goddess, and more to do with the higher Self and our relationship to the world around us.

A chance to let go, to truly experience that which we hold as our higher self and the higher selves of countless other beings both in the room and across the universe. An important practice and awareness for our world right now, and I feel fortunate to join in with other like minded spiritual aspirants for Kirtan.

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