Yoga offers us so much more than physical exercise, or a means for conditioning the body. With practice and discipline, we uncover glimpses of something more that forms part of the yogic way of life. A life intimately linked with the practices we do in class, but much greater in impact. A life discovered by many inspiring people throughout history. Moving with awareness, breath work, meditation and the discipline of turning up at the mat regularly, all contribute to a way of being that is more energised, more alive and more in tune with the present moment. Less caught in the tensions of our past, or the worries we have for the future.

When we learn Yoga we are trusting in the experience of those who have discovered this way of life before us. This way is not governed entirely by rules or restrictions, but rather on a series of revelations about what works best for us.  What works to make us less anxious, less overwhelmed and helpless in the face of challenge. Less intimidated or fearful of the world around us. What works to reduce concern and worry for the future. What leads to greater clarity and calm and what ensures we are more aware and sensitive to the present moment.

Its this revelation about what works to create a sense of calm and detached witness for us, that is so important for the way of Yoga, and it’s through our regular daily or weekly practice that we keep returning to the state of Yoga. We start to float effortlessly and joyfully through a more rich and inspiring life, encouraged always by the benefits of present moment awareness. A more productive and contented way of being.

With Yoga we encourage a calm, flexible and strong state. The challenges thrown up by the myriad of relationships, commitments and responsibilities we’ve chosen for ourselves become easier to manage and in fact these same challenges become sources of great learning and growth for us.

We find that over time these challenges become less overwhelming, less concerning and less significant compared with the gift of the present moment, the breath and awareness of our true nature. This is the true gift the yogic way of life has to offer all of us.

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