In Yoga we are constantly practicing the skill of letting go. We let go and relax at the start of class, allowing the tensions of the day, the concerns we hold on to be suspended even if for an hour and a half.  Many yogic practices, including many forms of meditation involve letting go. Allowing muscles, joints and tendons to be stretched beyond what we usually allow them. Allowing the mind to invite new thoughts in to replace the ones we’ve had enough of.

If we watch closely we see that the body and the mind are always holding on. We hold subtle tensions in the muscles, we mill over thoughts about the day we’ve just had, the day ahead or the words of someone we’ve allowed to cause us hurt. Through practice we come to realise this holding on is the cause of much of our suffering. When holding on to the hurtful words of another, we churn inside with anger and resentment we are allowing that person to affect and have control over our natural state of peace and calm. When we hold on to the pains we’ve experienced in the past, even as children, we are giving our control away, sometimes to a 5 year old. We allowing a memory or experience of ourselves to dominate who we are today. We let these memories hold us back from who we might become.

Letting go means letting go completely. We let go of past hurt, past injustice, past pain. In letting go we make space for new experiences, new relationships, new ways of being.

This week the challenge is to consider what you might be holding on to. What keeps repeating in your thoughts that if let it go, would free up space for a new way of being. A thought, a memory, a relationship that threatens our inner peace. What can be let go, that will set us free to experience something entirely new?

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