Every thought you think is creating your reality. Thought is followed by word, and is followed by action. We think, we speak we do. All together, all of us are thinking, speaking and doing all of the time. This week we were reminded of the creative power of thought, through Louise Hay who says that:

“Every thought we think is creating our future”

– Louise Hay

What if we changed the thoughts we have. What if we believed the world was filled with abundance (it is actually) and that we deserved to have this abundance flow towards us(we do actually). The challenge is not to pick the thought, the challenge, as we soon discover is to reduce the noise of the thought that already exists in the background.

From our parents and others: “it’s a struggle to make ends meet”, we are “hard up” while others are “filthy rich”. From the media we find “Chaos in the streets”, “Crime on the increase” and all number of murderous realities. All these beliefs about what the world is expected to deliver for us help to create the future we experience. Our challenge as we practice Yoga is to reduce the volume of these background beliefs and increase the impact of the stillness within us. To create for ourselves and others a more uplifting and inspiring beliefs and experiences. This is our journey with Yoga and it is the very power of thought to create our reality which makes Yoga and Meditation so crucial to ourselves and the society around us.

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