Most of the time we live in the past of the future. In the past we find the memories and experiences we consider to have made us who we are. Even recent events can surface to draw our attention backwards. Whilst making dinner we happen on something we did earlier that day. This memory triggers a scene that plays over in our minds as we chop carrots. Some days we get furious as we chop carrots thinking about the things we should have said to the person who riled us, let us down, offended or somehow made things more challenging.

As we play this story over again, we chop carrots more earnestly. Our grip tightens. We think on things we should have said, the things we might have done to show them. Take that. Yeah…I wish I’d have said that…

Briefly, momentarily we return to the present and pick up a new carrot…

The mind wanders again, this time into the future. To all the things we might say to that person tomorrow. To set things straight. We may imagine talking to them, showing them how offended, riled up, or otherwise let down they’ve left us feeling.

We can’t avoid these incursions of the mind back to the future or off into the past. For all of us too, there are people who fire us up in some way. Regular practice of Yoga and meditation will limit the impact of these incursions. Will limit the hold they have on us and release the past and future, leaving us free to return more frequently to cutting carrots. After all the carrots have done nothing wrong to us. They deserve a present and engaged chopper,  a present engaged parent to serve them up, and a peaceful home in which to share them.

And the source of these things is nowhere but the present moment. The moment we’re in right now. Every time.

The source of a more empowered future and less inhibiting past lies with our our practice of Yoga and Meditation. Through practice we equip ourselves to take up residence here in the present moment and to remain here despite the challenges offered up by an imagined future. As we continue to create joy and stillness within the present moment we encounter more joy and stillness in our dealings with the future. When it finally comes along.

Whenever that might be…

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