If stress has you considering Yoga, you are not alone. People all over the world are turning to the techniques of Yoga and  mediation to reduce stress in their lives.

What is Stress?

Stress is normal. Thats right. Without it, none of us would be able to do anything. Stress is the motivator for all kinds of inspiring aspects of our life, from family to work and everything in between. It is all made up of lots of little moments of challenge combined with our response to these challenges.

Stress is the natural response to any kind of change and if you are older than 20 you would have realised by now that change is the only constant we have. In fact change is an inevitable part of life. Our bodies are designed to respond to stress. Our hormonal, respiratory and nervous systems all respond when we are faced with a challenge and these systems work perfectly all the time.

So Whats the Problem?

We have a perfect system and it helps us deal with every change and challenge in our world, but still a build up of stress can be uncomfortable and harmful. It can distract us from our family and keep us from fully enjoying the things we used to live for. It keeps us in a heightened state of anxious worry long after the challenge has passed. Over time it can threaten our lives through illnesses like cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

How does Yoga and Meditation Help?

Regularly practicing Yoga and meditation can help the body naturally return to a restorative state where the hormones, nervous responses and respiration once again return to normal functioning.

Simple Breathing

Try this right now. Sit comfortably in a quite space. Start to tune in to how you are breathing without changing your breath. Notice whether you are breathing fast or slow. Notice whether you are breathing through your mouth or through your nose. Now notice one more thing about your breathing. Can you tell whether you are breathing with your chest or with your belly. Are your shoulders moving up and down as you breath or is your belly expanding outwards.

Breathe Deeply

Now that you are aware of your breathing, take a moment to change it in a few small ways.

  1. Breath through your nose.
  2. Breath with your belly so that your abdomen moves out as you breath in and returns inwards as you exhale.
  3. Breath deeply for a count of 10

Did You Know?

Did you know that changing your breathing pattern is the most effective way of controlling your body’s level of stress and tension. If you’ve followed the instructions above, you would have changed your level of relaxation in a very short time.

Try it again

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