Many of us come up agains a health concern now and then. Our bodies age and things come up that make us feel ill or give us and our loved ones cause for concern. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems. We’ve grown to believe that this is a natural sign that we are ageing and that there is little that can be done about it.

Our Choice

We each have a choice of sticking with the lifestyle we’ve become used to. Maintaining a high level of stress, low levels of exercise and poor diet whilst taking medication to manage the symptoms of the various ailments we come up against. This is the more common and polular route. We consider illness as an inevitable part of growing older and we resign ourselves to medication or surgery to continually relieve our symptoms.

There is another less popular but increasingly effective route. One that is more fulfilling and effective in the longer term.


For many of us, the illnesses and ailments that plague us are not a sign of ageing but a signal to us that we are living out of balance. Perhaps we are working hard at the expense of our family and leisure. Perhaps we are neglecting a health lifestyle because it seems too difficult to fit in amongst all the other responsibilities we place on ourselves. The question is not so much about how to fix what is wrong with us but how to restore a sense of balance to our lives so that our bodies natural healing can take back the reigns.

Yoga is Balance

One of the most fundamental concepts of Yoga and Meditation is the idea of balance. Almost everything we do in class is designed to promote a more balanced state in body and mind. When the body and mind are in balance, they work together more efficiently. Our natural ability to heal and restore ourselves after injury or illness is strengthened when we take steps to regularly return to this state of balance, and the first step we can all take is to realise where we are out of balance.

Take a moment to ask yourself where you might be out of balance. Do you feel high or low energy? Do you feel too tired or too stressed to enjoy the things you once did? Are the passing days, weeks and months changing you in a way that you feel little control over?

If so, when are you going to take back the reigns and restore the balance that is your natural state of being?


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