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Surya Namaskara is a sequence of Asanas (yogic postures) that has a powerful influence on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of those who practice it as part of their Sadhana (regular spiritual practice).
Consisting of 12 poses it is completed as a fluid sequence which takes the body through various forward and backward bends as well as two partial inversions. Whilst these asana can be practiced individually, Surya Namaskara brings them together into a dynamic and energising practice which tones and purifies the major groups of organs, tissues and muscles throughout the whole body. The action of this practice gets the body working to remove toxins and bring balance to the flow of energy. Reducing an overactive system or stimulating a tired lathargic body.
There are 12 positions in the sequence and a rhythmic flow will develop with confidence and regular practice. It is a complete and rounded sequence of Yoga, activating and stimulating the mind, the body and its various energy centres (Chakras) and channels (Nadis). Regular practice brings greater balance, confidence and energy. Over time it opens and lifted upper body posture and studies have shown it to have a positive effect on many health conditions including asthma.
Recommended for beginners who have tested their flexibility through some practice of Yoga, Surya Namaskara is practiced facing east, with the deliberate cultivation of a sense of reverence for the Sun and all that it gives us as individuals and as a planetary species. All life on earth is dependent on the activity and energetic action of the sun. The practice of yoga is a deliberate reminder of our connection to the activity of the world around us and Surya Namaskara reminds us that not one aspect of life on earth is possible without the energy of the sun, which courses through the veins, nerves and breath of each of us.
When we maintain Sun Salutations in our regular practice, we energise our bodies and cultivate a balanced state of consciousness, inviting illumination and spiritual awakening.

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