Yoga is great for physical flexibility, but it doesn’t stop there…
In the tradition of Yoga, the mind and the body are connected and what you do with one, is done to the other. Many people would like to be more flexible so that they can move more freely and comfortably do the things they could when they were younger. While this is surely a result of practicing Yoga, it is not the only outcome.
Yoga creates a similar effect on the mind and emotions, which allows us to feel so great, not only in class but also for the rest of the day and week. Flexibility ind mind and body, happen together when we practice traditional yoga and it is this flexibility that allows us to explore and understand ourselves much more. This increase in range of movement and expansion of the mind and body, creates a sense of wellbeing and purpose that is unique to each of us and easily attainable with discipline and effort in our practice of Yoga.

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