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Santosha Yoga is inviting contributions from vegan chefs and foodies around the world to develop a 7 day Yogic Lifestyle challenge encompassing daily practice, yogic philosophy and a plant based diet.

Courtney has been a keen foodie for as long as she can remember. In 2012, she discovered the benefits of eliminating refined sugar from her diet and continues to take a conscious approach to food. Experimenting with different cooking methods and new ingredients and exploring the practice of sustainable living, her approach to eating and preparing food has also evolved.
She has a no-guilt policy to diet and consciously chooses what works based on:
Feeling good
Nourishing the body
Ethically sourced
Locally produced
Her goal is to have a close relationship to food and it’s source. Somewhat idyllic she admits, but I think very achievable and certain to make a big impact on patterns of consumption and preference over time. A keen photo blogger through @my_abundant_plate and certainly a great read when she hits the blogosphere every now and then. Welcome Courtney and your very generous 7 day menu plan. I look forward to trying it out

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