Carolina and Mike

Carolina and Mike - Contributer Profile

Santosha Yoga is inviting contributions from vegan chefs and foodies from around the world to develope a 7 day Yogic Lifestyle challenge encoumpassing daily practice, yogic philosophy and a plant based diet.

Carolina is a 32 year old Argentinean, having recently moved to barcelona with her english boyfriend Mike. They have just started a project around plantbased food @umami_bcn that has them inspired and motivated!!! Mike is an amazing plantbased chef and and are both very passionate about a plantbased lifestyle. An abundance of such tasty and nourishing foods makes them feel healthy, happy and full of energy, not to mention being so kind and respectful to all animals. A win-win! They thrive on inspiring people to become healthier and more aware of their choices. To help them realize they can enjoy super tasty meals which also nourish their spirit. They have found through experience that the more compassionate we are towards animals and the planet, the more compassionate we become towards ourselves. Both passionate about bringing more love, awareness and compassion into the world. Welcome Carolina and Mike 😀

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