Begin Yoga With a Free Class Every Saturday

Bring Flexibility, Relaxation and Inner Peace into your life by practicing Yoga with others from around the world. Use these to uncover and support the growth of a more authentic version of yourself.

Begin at Home

You can join from your own home and learn what yoga is and how it can help you create strength, flexibility and presence of mind and body.

Discover More

Discover how Yoga is more than complex postures. Learn how more fundamental practices such as Pranayama (energetic breathing) and Meditation have major positive impacts on the mind, body and spirit.


Joining is Easy

A quiet space with a smartphone or computer is all you need to join in from your lounge or study wherever you are in the world.


I really liked the yoga session.I think it get more out of it being at home and not fighting the self conscious thoughts i get when in a class. I would definetly love to do it again and youve inspired me to make a peaceful corner in my lounge to encourage me to do more yoga. Thanks so much 😊


Thank you for the yoga class. It was very very helpful for me. Beautiful, calm, supportive. 🙂


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Benefits of Yoga

Become the Highest Version of Yourself

Traditional Yoga is a complete system for understanding and harnessing the power each of us has to change old habits and create the future we're meant for.

Discover Your Purpose

If you thought Yoga was just another new form of exercise, you'd be mistaken, but its not surprising given the surge in attention that Yoga is getting from studios, fitness centres and gyms. By stripping back the hype and misconceptions surrounding Yoga, Yoga Begin will help you uncover how this ancient tradition has more to do with awakening your true purpose and helping you express this more fully and with more enthusiasm and joy.

Refine and Restore Energy

Energy is not just get up and go. Its not just the high intensity chatter and constant motion of the modern fast paced world. Yoga Begin introduces subtle energy, the energy behind all living and non living beings. Learn to access and refine this energy for a more peaceful and purposeful existence.

Health and Wellbeing

Yoga begin focusses on using yoga to create the conditions for physical health and healing. We each have in us the capacity to heal and grow healthier. Through simple yogic practices done with the right attitude you can set this healing path in motion.

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