My Friends Have Tried Yoga and they Say its Great

My Friends Have Tried Yoga and they Say its Great

Many people discover yoga by being referred by a friend. In fact Yoga was first brought to the western world by travellers to India who came back so inspired by the teachings of traditional yogis, that they raised funds to bring teachers who would travel to America and Great Britain to spread these ancient teachings.

An Inspiring Friend

You can’t help but be curious when someone sits you down to say how great they feel once a week after their regular class. If someone has inspired you to try out Yoga because of how happy they seem, you have a pretty good reason to give it a go yourself. After all we all have a right to be happy and many of us are quickly discovering a little known secret about happiness, which is this:

Happiness is an Inside Job

Thats right your feeling of happiness has absolutely nothing to do with anything around you and everything to do with what is happening within you. For a long time we have fallen for a trap that says that happiness comes from the right circumstances, the right friends, income, job etc. Scientists and researchers around the world are fast discovering that this is a terribly misleading way of thinking that can have damaging consequences for our health and wellbeing. Studies are uncovering that our wealth, and social status are very poor predictors of happiness and success. Research into the happiest amongst is revealing that our attitude to the world around us, our thoughts in the face of external circumstances are much stronger predictors of our overall happiness than anything else including our salary, our job or where we live.

The Good News

This can all be taught. Our attitude towards life circumstances. Our thoughts about what happens around us in life and work can all be adjusted if we are disciplined and care enough to do so.
If you care enough to make a change in how you approach the world around you and some part of you wants to make a change to a more positive, more alive, engaged space, why not take the happiness test over at the pursuit of happiness. If you do, please come back and tell me how you went.

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