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Carolina and Mike

Santosha Yoga is inviting contributions from vegan chefs and foodies from around the world to develope a 7 day Yogic Lifestyle challenge encoumpassing daily practice, yogic philosophy and a plant based diet. Carolina is a 32 year old Argentinean, having recently moved...

Courtney Webb – Contributor Profile

  Courtney has been a keen foodie for as long as she can remember. In 2012, she discovered the benefits of eliminating refined sugar from her diet and continues to take a conscious approach to food. Experimenting with different cooking methods and new ingredients and...

Namita – Contributor Profile

Namita is a 21 year old Architecture student working to make veganism mainstream in Bangalore, India. She switched to a vegetarian diet about 5 years ago and has been vegan for about 2 months. She recognises the role that animal farming plays in climate change and...

5 Reasons I Went Vegan and Why You Don’t Have to

Here it is. My reasons for going vegan. And why you don't have to. Since starting Yoga in earnest over 6 years ago, I've given up a lot of things. A Yogic lifestyle has a lot to do with giving things up. We start by...

Meet the Photographer

when last did the world go quiet?

You’ve Found Yoga

Yoga won’t find you but you might have found it. If you have a card, you can get $15 off the course fee

The Present Moment

Most of the time we live in the past of the future. In the past we find the memories and experiences we consider to have made us who we are. Even recent events can surface to draw our attention backwards. Whilst making dinner we happen on something we did earlier...

Thought is Creative

Every thought you think is creating your reality. Thought is followed by word, and is followed by action. We think, we speak we do. All together, all of us are thinking, speaking and doing all of the time. This week we were reminded of the creative power of thought,...

Accepting Ourselves

Much of what we practice in a yoga class is awareness of what is happening within.  We tune in to the sensations that arise during and after each practice. We observe the arising of thoughts and feelings throughout body and mind. We're left feeling uplifted and...
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