Asana (Physical Postures)

Asana are important, but in the scheme of Yoga they are not the most important aspect. They are the main focus for beginners and many students never actually reach beyond Yoga's focus on Asana. What we are trying to do in Asana is condition and strengthen the body to encourage greater flexibility. We are also stimulating and conditioning the internal organs and glands of the body so that they function more optimally. Asana give the body a great squeeze, sending old stale blood and fluid out and allowing new oxygenated blood to enter and restore the organs, muscles and tissues of the body. 


Don't be fooled and think that the aim of Yoga is to get int more advanced and difficult Asana. It is not. More challenging asana have their role in further conditioning the body, but done without awareness or performed in an ad hoc fashion without commitment and discipline, will reduce the impact of asana on the total body. It is more important to stick with the basics, stick to your level and develop the other more crucial aspects of Yoga such as awareness, balance and a focussed state of mind whilst in practice. 

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