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Imbalance and In Balance

Have you ever wondered why people get sick, tired, stressed, angry, sad, stiff or anxious? If you ask around you can be left thinking its because we don't have the right relationships, jobs, medications. The right chemicals in our brains or the right thoughts in...

What is Yoga

There are many forms of Yoga these days, but Yoga is an ancient word. It has meaning beyond technique, style or teacher. Yoga means union. This has very simple but also very profound meaning. As beginners we start with the basics. We make progress with practice and...

Try Yoga

If anyone is still thinking of joining the Morwell beginners course, why not give it a try this Thursday at 6:30pm. This once off class is by donation. You can try out yoga with all profits going to Lifeline Gippsland in support of the 131114 phone line and other...


   If the flowers at another site are anything to go by, my next Morwell Yoga course is in for a real treat when the maze of sunflowers at St Lukes open up. This week in my day job I met with a group of documentary producers from Silverpod productions who were very...

Yoga Venues

   This week, while making some last minute preparations before the beginners course in February, I came across an incredible site at the St Lukes grounds in Morwell. The Reactivate Morwell Project have planted a maze of sunflowers that look ripe for flowering...

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