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Yoga being is your chance to take on a more holistic approach to your health, well-being and spiritual development. Recieve weekly guidance and support from those who have taken on a daily practice of Yoga combined with an easy to follow plant-based menu plan, you can begin a peaceful and plentiful journey of self-discovery, Yoga Being is a complete yogic lifestyle course delivered right into your inbox daily.

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Daily Practice Videos

Gain access to daily yoga practice videos to help you adopt the habit of stillness, flexibility, and balance on a daily.

Lessons in Yogic Philosophy

Get lessons in how it all ties together as you immerse yourself in the wisdom and power of traditional yogic teachings applied in a modern world.

Complete Plant Based Menu Plan

Save money and have a beneficial impact on your body and the environment by choosing one of our internationally inspired, plant based menu plans. Save money and time with a convenient and complete shopping list.


Check out our growing list of menu planning contributors

Courtney has been a keen foodie for as long as she can remember. In 2012, she discovered the benefits of eliminating refined sugar from her diet and continues to take a conscious approach to food. Experimenting with different cooking methods and new ingredients and exploring the practice of sustainable living, her approach to eating and preparing food has also evolved....(read more)


Melbourne, Australia, my_abundant_plate

Carolina is a 32 year old Argentinean, having recently moved to barcelona with her english boyfriend mike. They have just started a project around plantbased food @umami_bcn that has them inspired and motivated!!! Mike is an amazing plantbased chef and and are both very passionate about...(read more)

Carolina and Mike

Barcelona, @Umami_bcn

Namita is a 21-year-old Architecture student working to make veganism mainstream in Bangalore, India. She switched to a vegetarian diet about 5 years ago and has been vegan for about 2 months. She recognises the role that animal farming plays in climate change and suffering for animals....(read more)


Bangalore, India

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Benefits of Yoga

Health and Wellbeing

Yoga begin focusses on using yoga to create the conditions for physical health and healing. We each have in us the capacity to heal and grow healthier. Through simple yogic practices done with the right attitude you can set this healing path in motion.

Refine and Restore Energey

Traditional Yoga is a complete system for understanding and harnessing the power each of us has to change old habits and create the future we're meant for.

Discover your Purpose

If you thought Yoga was just another new form of exercise, you'd be mistaken, but its not surprising given the surge in attention that Yoga is getting from studios, fitness centres and gyms. By stripping back the hype and misconceptions surrounding Yoga, Yoga Begin will help you uncover how this ancient tradition has more to do with awakening your true purpose and helping you express this more fully and with more enthusiasm and joy.

Become the Highest Version of Yourself

Traditional Yoga is a complete system for understanding and harnessing the power each of us has to change old habits and create the future we're meant for.

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