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Making Yoga Routine

General classes offer the opportunity to reconnect with your regular practice and share Yoga with other like-minded people.

General classes are also available to beginners, however,​ you are encouraged to enroll in a progressive beginner course to gain the most benefit from your practice.

“There is no noise in the world. There is no peace in the Himalayas. Both are within you.” – Swami Satyananda

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Yoga As Intended

Yoga has evolved over thousands of years with instruction passed down from dedicated teacher to committed student. Through discipline and respect for the teachings, this ancient tradition is available to the western world and Yoga Begin retains the crucial elements of Yogic practice and meditation so that you can enjoy the full benefits of a yogic lifestyle, even by practicing once a week. For more information about the style practiced during these classes please visit the Bihar School of Yoga


Why Yoga?


There is no lacking in the world. There is infinite energy and vitality available to all of us when we have the tools to get in touch with it. 

Strength Building

Strength is not just the ability to lift heavy things or impress others with feats of bravery. True Strength is formed with diligence, discipline and the resolve to keep moving in the direction you know to be true.

Stress Relief

Stress is a necessary aspect of all life. Being overwhelmed with it, or managing it poorly with addictions, angry outbursts or withdrawing from your supports is a sign you are not letting go often enough whether in mind or body. Yoga helps you do both. 

Relax & Refresh

Doing Yoga is like pressing the refresh button on yourself. Rather than take the stresses and strains of the day with you, Yoga helps to clear this clutter and reinvigorate you on every level.

Beauty of Body

Yoga puts us more in touch with our body from the inside, creating less concern for looks and more authentic feelings of presence and acceptance.

Mind & Soul

Whether its a sneaking suspicion that there is more to life than this or a strong calling towards a spiritual journey, Yoga helps to clear the path for your true self to emerge.