Yoga begin term 3 starts this week

A holistic approach to mind and body, yoga will leave you calm, relaxed and open to new possibilities in mind, body and spirit. This focussed state helps you get things done more effectively and be more present and engaged with the world around you. Join us on July 18th for Term 3 in Morwell or Friday 21st in Mirboo North




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With Yoga

  • Harmonise body and mind so life becomes effortless and joyful
  • Focus and align your efforts and realise your greatest potential
  • Understand and control energy to heal and grow personally
  • Uncover the secret to creating the life you’ve dreamed of
  • Learn physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yoga Begin starts with the traditional teachings of Yoga, distilled into an enriching course in yoga, meditation and metaphysics. Learn and experience the core concepts of yoga and meditation. Apply yoga to transform your experience of life. Designed for beginners, the course introduces a full range of physical asana and powerful breathing techniques to cleanse and invigorate you on all levels. Classes are at 6:00 on Friday evenings in Mirboo North and Tuesday evenings at 5:00 and 6:45 and in Morwell. Morwell classes are at St Luke’s Uniting Church and Mirboo North classes are held at the Inner Journeys Yoga and Metaphysics Centre.

Teacher – Ananta (Andrew)


Certified Yoga Teacher. Inner Journeys Trained, registered with Yoga Australia

“I love it, I look foreword to it every week I wish that I could go more! 😊”

– Tanika (2017 student)

“I’m always relieved immediately in and after ur class, it does what it needs to whether it’s re energise me one week or calm me down the next, it’s just wonderful. Thank”

– Elli (2017 student)

“i look forward to continuing with your classes as i am feeling the best i have in years”

– Kerry

“I really enjoyed the focus on different parts of the body after each practice. I think it’s increased my awareness of myself and how I feel.”

– 2016 student

Why Practice Yoga and Meditation

Yoga creates more flexibility in mind and body. It also activates a healing and restorative energy which flows through each of us. Once activated, this flow energises daily life and the world opens up with new possibility.

Meditation creates the balance and awareness that reveals a more authentic version of ourselves.

Yoga Begin is a course in yoga that will teach you how to take control of the way you feel in class and in day to day life. Practicing regularly will open up your world to new possibilities.


What Happens in Term 2?

I’d like to try Yoga, but I am not flexible enough for it

Am I too old for Yoga?

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