Group Classes and Courses

Starting Yoga

Yoga is best done regularly. As a discipline and ongoing practice it requires effort and commitment. The habits of modern life keep us busy, ambitious and stressed. Many of us have realised that change, stress, illness or injury can disrupt us at any time. Every day we pursue happiness through work, family, educational achievements or the recognition of our peers and we compare our achievements with the image we have of ourselves and others. This approach leads to an imbalance in our lives which can result in illness, emotional overwhelm, distress or injury.

A New Approach with Ancient Roots

In Yoga we practice a new set of habits, consisting of present moment awareness, peace, acceptance, and relaxation. Largely absent from mainstream culture this set of habits creates freedom, space and peace within our own lives and the lives of those we meet and spend time with. With the awareness fixed on the movements during yoga, a union takes place. A connection between mind and body which is the meaning of the word Yoga. A union which extends to our spiritual nature and can lead us to take brave and important steps using our heart as a guide.

Do You Have What it Takes?

If you think you’re not flexible enough for Yoga, you probably aren’t, but that’s the reason to begin in the first place and only half the challenge. If you think you are too busy or to distracted to practice mindfulness and meditation, you probably are.

Any number of reasons will pop into your head for not starting Yoga. For not taking the time to develop flexibility, stillness and balance. Any number of challenges could hijack your commitment to self-care, personal wellbeing and inner strength. It is these mental barriers which provide the greatest challenge to achieving the state of Yoga.

Making a Start

If you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself through Yoga, then below is the schedule of classes for Morwell and Mirboo North. Casual attendance is not available for Yoga Begin or Intermediate courses but for a short time you can register for single sessions in Mirboo North Classes and get a free cuppa from a great local cafe, making them the perfect morning out with a friend.

Classes Available

Term 4 Schedule of Classes

General Yoga

General Classes are aimed at those who have just started with yoga and wish to work towards a more regular schedule of practice through their week. Many students maintain attendance to ensure a regular practice in preparation for the beginner or intermediate courses. Get your calendar out and register for a class while places are still available.

Thursdays 9am-10:30am
With Ananta

Yoga Begin

Yoga Begin is more than a beginners course in yoga. Even the most advanced yoga calls for us to suspend all our previous knowledge in favor of the infinite wisdom which comes through the present moment. We can only reach this through awareness and the creation of balance where once there was distraction, discomfort, stress and dis-ease, we begin to cultivate flexibility, balance, health, and healing. This is the true essence of yoga and its never to late to begin

Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm
With Ananta

Intermediate Yoga

Intermediate Yoga offers a deeper exploration of Yoga’s more subtle and powerful energetic effects. Learn to extend your home practice through deepening the breath, posture and ability to focus the mind through meditation. Learn mantra and aspects of Yoga in daily life

Wednesdays 6pm-7:30pm
With Ananta