Why should we need to practice Yoga? As modern humans we have a lot of distraction to contend with. The impact of world events which threaten our way of life. The constant pull of news and social media, sparking fear or reminding daily of the attainments of others, which can cause an underlying dissatisfaction with the way things are for us.

Combined with, and perhaps more damaging is the underlying and unconscious message of advertising and marketing executives from around the world that we are somehow incomplete without some product or service. That somehow the solution to all that ails us, can be bought and consumed.

Of course any functioning economy needs buying and selling, but the cost of this barrage of information reminding us of how incomplete we are is damaging? The illusion that happiness, wellbeing and contentment can be purchased leads us down a rabbit hole from which it is difficult to return.

The truth is, the human condition is one of completeness in evolution. We are all evolving constantly, through learning and experiences, both good and bad. Through the interactions we have with the world around us we are in a constant state of evolution.

We can leave this evolution in the hands of advertising executives, and facebook algorithms, or we can take up a more established route. The path of Yoga.

With this path, we recognise the innate completeness of the human form, in its ability to grow, restore, heal and evolve. To serve others, to love unconditionally and to give without reservation. This path takes effort and determination, and it requires us to take full responsibility for our own journey towards health, happiness and meaning. The rewards, however are longer lasting and more secure.

Inner peace, physical, mental health and wellbeing, stability, strength and confidence are all the attainments of Yoga.